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Enforcing Contracts

In the realm of real estate law, most contracts are legally binding. This is because valuable assets and substantial sums of money are at stake; it is important to finalize agreements, as a means to maintain the financial integrity of the parties involved.

However, contracts are breached frequently. A buyer who had agreed to purchase a house or a piece of land may back out at the last moment, leaving the seller in financial jeopardy. In such scenarios, it is important to find an attorney who will enforce the contract or help the parties find another form of resolution.

Legal Support When An Agreement Has Been Breached

For more than 25 years, I have assisted individuals in Sevierville and the surrounding communities with their real estate contract disputes. I am skilled in recovering damages from parties who have breached a standing agreement. I pursue payment as aggressively as the situation requires. If the parties are amicable, mediation and arbitration are viable means to achieve results. When the contract is more heavily contested, I will always prepare to support my clients through litigation.

I represent clients with a wide range of interests, including sellers whose finances are imperiled by a breached agreement; buyers who were defrauded into signing a contract in the first place; and real estate agents in contract disputes with their primary broker.

Protecting Your Boundaries

I offer legal guidance to individuals engaged in property boundary disputes. These can be especially sensitive legal matters. They often involve neighbors, who must interact with each other regularly. They greatly affect the value of a given piece of real estate. Whether putting up a fence, or installing a boat dock, it is not uncommon for individuals to encroach on their neighbor’s property and claim land and shoreline as their own.

Property surveys are an important means to establish where a piece of real estate’s edge truly is, but at times even these are insufficient. A lawyer can be an important guide as you seek to reclaim your rightful ground.

I am adept in drafting demand letters to initiate legal action; facilitating quiet title lawsuits, in which a judge determines a property’s rightful boundaries; conducting investigations into a property’s history to determine its boundaries; and litigating aggressively when resolution cannot be otherwise achieved. I also handle cases involving easement disputes, as a means to protect a property owner’s rights.

Maintain Control Of Your Property

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