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Protecting Your Property

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To own an investment property — be it a homestead, vacation home or rental property — is to own a substantial asset. When legal problems arise, the costs can quickly mount and threaten your holdings.

At the Sevierville office of attorney Scott D. Hall, I help people who own property in and around Sevier County resolve their real estate disputes. Whether you live in the area, or own a vacation property nearby, helping you protect your investment is my highest priority. I have more than 25 years of experience in litigation, and am adept at administering arbitration and mediation hearings as well.

What I Do

Real estate litigation presents complex issues. I am experienced with a wide range of related matters, including:

  • Construction liability — Problems can arise during any phase of building, from the drafting of blueprints onward. When a legal issue arises, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault. I have helped architects, engineers, contractors and property owners resolve their matters favorably.
  • Foreclosed assets — If you are owed money on a mortgage-backed loan, I can help initiate the foreclosure process to recover what you are due. I will assist with collection amounts owed to you.
  • Boundary disputes — The details matter. A property’s boundary is linked inextricably with its value. Yet individuals often find their real estate infringed upon. I am skilled in settling such matters
  • Landlord Evictions – You are entitled to rents owed to you and entitled to regain possession of your property. Let me help with your evictions and collection of rents and damages owed to you.

Buyers, sellers, investors, developers and lenders have all benefited from my commercial and real estate experience. I have handled disputes over sales agreements, and resolved issues through quiet title actions. I am experienced in a wide range of property matters, and work rigorously to help my clients achieve their legal goals.

Legal Support During Real Estate Disputes

Don’t be intimidated when complex property issues arise. If you would like to learn more about my firm’s services, call us at 865-428-9900. You can also arrange an appointment with me by filling out my online form.