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Legal Support For Your Business And Real Estate Holdings

For more than 25 years, I’ve represented individuals and businesses in legal disputes.

A Personal Approach To The Law

I want to accomplish your legal goals! When your personal, business, or real estate interests are threatened, an experienced attorney can help protect your assets and your interests. For more than 25 years, I have served individuals in Sevierville and the surrounding area when they find themselves in legal disputes.

I work personally with each of my clients, making sure I understand their intentions and their goals. In every matter, I devise an individualized stratagey to achieve the most favorable legal outcome.


Collections and Business Litigation

My focus is in the area of civil litigation, concentrating on collections, business litigation, and enforcement of your property rights.

My practice has a special emphasis on litigation; whether an individual is involved in a dispute with partners, shareholders, or external parties, I work rigorously to protect my clients’ rights in court. You should have an advantage when you go to Court, and I plan to ensure that you do have the advantage. I want to accomplish your goals.

Helping To Protect Your Real Estate Holdings

It is not uncommon for property owners to find themselves in legal conflicts. In my career as a lawyer, I have become adept at resolving them. I provide experienced representation to architects, engineers, landowners, contractors, and other individuals entering real estate litigation. Your legal needs are my focus. I have assisted numerous clients settle disputes stemming from breaches of contract, construction liability, foreclosures, enforcement of debt obligations, easements, and other related matters.

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