Scott D. Hall Attorney at Law
Scott D. Hall Attorney at Law
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Experienced Tennessee Trial Lawyer Serving Sevier County and East Tennessee From  Sevierville since 1993

Sevierville Real Estate Lawyer

Helping Sevier County Property Owners in Real Estate Disputes

Whether you own a homestead, vacation home or rental property, it is one of your biggest assets. When legal problems arise, the costs can quickly mount and threaten your investment.

At the office of attorney Scott D. Hall, I want to help you protect your real estate investment. I can efficiently handle real estate contract disputes, and I am not afraid of advocating for you in the courtroom. Contact me for a consultation if you have a real estate issue.


I represent clients ranging from first time homeowners to sophisticated land developers. I have the experience to help you resolve your real estate dispute in a variety of ways.

If all options are exhausted, I am an experienced trial lawyer who can protect your interests through litigation.

If you are involved in an east Tennessee real estate dispute, contact me today.

My Legal Experience

In more than 20 years as a trial attorney , I have helped landlords collect unpaid rent, and I have advised tenants of their rights in an eviction action. Buyers, sellers, investors, developers and lenders have all benefited from my commercial and real estate experience. I have handled disputes over sales agreements, and resolved issues through quiet title actions.

I Can Help Resolve Your Real Estate Dispute

Imagine saving for years for the summer vacation home you had always dreamed about. You complete the sale, closing and arrive for your first family vacation. Upon arriving, you discover the neighbor using a portion of your yard as his driveway. Then you find out that the previous owner granted a driveway easement to the neighbor that was never disclosed to you. What can you do?

Real estate issues are complex. Boundary line disputes, adverse possession, zoning laws, eviction actions and property liens require knowledge of property law, municipal law and statutory law. I have that knowledge and will use it to help you resolve your real estate dispute.

Don't be intimidated when complex property issues arise. Contact me . My office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in downtown Sevierville.

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