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Arbitration and Mediation in Tennessee

Individuals and businesses embroiled in legal disputes have a variety of options. They are not limited to traditional negotiation or trial. When appropriate, they may pursue forms of alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation. In fact, these options are often required by contract. At the law office of Scott D. Hall, Attorney at Law, I help clients in Sevier County and throughout Tennessee navigate these processes to resolve disputes.

Alternative Methods to Resolve Disputes of All Kinds

As a lawyer, I have spent more than 23 years handling a wide variety of legal matters, including substantial business litigation and other forms of litigation. As a result, I have arbitrated and mediated many cases. These methods can be used to resolve commercial disputes, real estate disputes, construction disputes and even family law disputes. In fact, mediation has become a popular way of resolving cases without a fight.

Arbitration vs. Mediation

Arbitration is a dispute resolution method required in many business, real estate, loan, franchising and lease contracts. It is similar to trial in that an arbitrator acts as a judge, reaching a decision after arguments are heard. However, it is streamlined and less formal, and the process is different in many ways.

While arbitration is often pursued through the American Arbitration Association, it can also be conducted privately and confidentially. Arbitration awards can be court-enforced. I have converted many arbitration awards to judgment during my career as an attorney in Sevierville.

Mediation is much different from trial. In mediation, a mediator facilitates discussions between the opposing parties, helping them reach agreements that often prove to be mutually beneficial. Many parties cite this process as less stressful and more conducive to long-term collaboration, which is important in family law disputes when there are children involved. I have successfully guided clients to positive resolutions through mediation.

Learn More About Alternative Dispute Resolution

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